For five years, the British Council has been putting together a series of professional events for the representatives of the music industry called Selector PRO. Our goal is to strengthen the connection between the music sectors of Great Britain and Ukraine, create relevant educational opportunities for artists, managers, as well as music event organizers, support growth of new talent and promote effective business processes in the music industry.

In 2017, our team organized two Selector PRO music fora. The first event dealt with the distribution and sale of music in this digital era. The next conference focused on music technology and experiments at the junction of music and other art forms. 

In autumn 2018, we presented a new format of Selector PRO events – intensive workshops developed together with instructors from the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) , an influential institution in modern music. We organized three modules dealing with the basics of music business and project management, organizing live events, as well as artist management and promotion in Kyiv and Kharkiv. Check these three short training videos from Dan Tsu, an event manager tutor at BIMM on our channel here and also 

Watch the Q&A with Gabby Chelmicka, former manager of Robbie Williams, Artist Management module leader at BIMM. Conversation topic: creatives management and mental health in the music industry.

In 2020 Selector PRO international music industry forum took place in Kyiv on 7 and 8 February 2020. The focus of the forum was on how to develop and grow a sustainable live event business and on how to tap into the potential of neighbouring music markets.

As part of Selector PRO we worked closely together with music conferences in Ukraine (Atlas Music Hub Conference, RespublicaFEST Conference, Music Conference Ukraine), where visitors could establish contacts with reputable professionals of the British music industry and learn about new extraordinary initiatives and business cases. We also offered Ukrainian music sector professionals to participate in Britain’s most exciting music event – The Great Escape showcase.

2021 Selector PRO Forum edition had to move online due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. The focus was on issues that the music industry had encountered during pandemic. More than 30 speakers from the UK, Ukraine, Central Asia, South Caucasus and Western Balkans have shared their experience with more than 240 participants from almost 50 countries. 

Catch videos from past Selector PRO sessions on our Youtube-channel

Learn details about our upcoming 2022 edition of Selector PRO 2022 below.

Selector PRO 2022

This year’s forum is rooted in real-world industry issues, but committed to staying a step ahead of what’s coming down the line. We’re calling on the strength of the music community — its hard-won experience and record of mutual support — to do the work of defining “The Ever-changing new normal” on our terms. What does that mean? Simply, that Selector PRO 5 is bringing together dozens of industry professionals from the UK, Europe and Central Asia to tackle the big ongoing and upcoming industry questions.

The forum will take place on 18-19 February 2022 and will feature eight moderated panels on various music related topics.

What will it look like? The Selector PRO forum will have 8 moderated panels covering a range of music industry topics. The UK’s Jane Beese from The Factory and Manchester International Festival will be joined by the UK’s Paul McGivern of Playbook Artists and Beril Sarıaltun from Turkey’s My City My Voice project to discuss the pandemic years’ effect on the industry, and share their positive experiences with successful case studies and remote collaborations over the previous two years. Donna Close from the UK’s 5G Festival will discuss recent industry advances that produce engaging hybrid events; she’ll be joined by Ukraine’s Anton Volovyk from Reface, who will talk about how artists can better engage and entertain an audience. The UK’s Jyoty, a DJ from Rinse FM, will team up with the UK’s Ellie Giles from Step Music Management and Ukraine’s Anastasiya Babicheva from Masterskaya and psychologist Vera Kravchenko to tackle the topic of dealing with internet-based hate.

Shauni Caballero of the UK’s Go 2 Agency will lead the workshop of a topic of immediate impact considering the boom in the digital music market—that of copyright issues. She’ll shed light on issues like protecting your work and getting paid, the “rule book” of creative online content, and what to do when a third party uses your work without permission. We’ll also sit in on what promises to be a wide-ranging conversation between delegates from two of the most wildly distinct music markets imaginable — the UK’s Jon Dunn from Parallel Lines and Georgia’s Giorgi Kikonishvili from Electronauts / Bassiani / Horoom Nights. They’ll be talking about how they build their teams, their methods, how they’ve managed to survive the past two years and what drives DIY music in their countries. Claire O'Neill of the UK’s Greener Festival and Chair of the Green Group for the Association for Electronic Music will be joined by Feimatta Conteh, Environmental Sustainability Manager for the UK’s Manchester International Festival and Ukrainian musical activist Vera Logdanidi of Rhythm Büro to lead a talk on the role of the industry in confronting climate change. They will discuss what artists and audiences can do to better contribute to a more sustainable music sector and workable solutions for systemic change through artistry. 

And if that isn’t yet enough, we’ll also be looking at new approaches to collaboration, effective time management, the challenge of online teambuilding, audience engagement, monetisation in the online space and much more. 

Selector PRO conference will take place in an easy-to-use online platform providing a handful of features such as networking environment, interactive workshops and discussions, 1:1 matchmaking rooms, and a resource library to watch streams again. 

Plus, you can’t gripe about the price. The Selector PRO digital forum is free-of-charge with prior registration. The forum is free. To attend all you need to do is to register here

Prior to the start of the event you’ll receive your login details and instructions on how to navigate the online meeting space. 

The UK/Ukraine music network fostered at the Selector Pro forums has led to several successful collaborations between industry professionals from both countries; evidence, perhaps, that music does indeed make the world go ‘round. 

The Selector PRO partner is Music Export Ukraine.