In May 2022, British Council conducted a survey on the professional development needs of English language teachers in current challenging situation. 

The purpose of the conducted survey was to analyse teachers’ professional needs in the current difficult context affecting Ukraine to better understand how the British Council professional development offer can support English teachers in both primary and secondary schools.

UK consultants analysed the survey results and held 10 meetings with focus group participants.

This teacher needs analysis raised three areas of need in relation to their current circumstances and CPD needs.

1. The support teachers need to develop professionally

2. The support teachers need to support children and young people to cope, thrive and deal with psychosocial needs and trauma.

3. The support teachers need to deal with their own mental health and wellbeing needs.

The British Council report addresses the above needs in detail. For the purposes of covering trauma, stress, and psychological needs, the model detailed in the report has informed consultants’ thinking, findings and recommendations.

Key messages:

  • Teachers are committed and dedicated to supporting education in Ukraine despite their pressing concerns and needs.
  • Teachers are highly motivated to join courses and CPD opportunities to support their professional development.
  • Teachers highly rate British Council support and resources and are consistently accessing them.
  • Teachers need support to help them maintain and build their professionalism and to maintain mental health and wellbeing.

The Needs Analysis Report is below.