Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone

Director: Kira Malinina

Cast: Alyona Suprun, Iryna Kobzar, Vlad Pysaryev

The Laboratory of theater, Kharkiv  

In Director Kira Malynina’s staging of Selma Dimitrijevic’s “Gods Are Fallen and All Safety Gone”, actresses Irina Kobzar and Olena Suprun perform the entire play in a closed white space. On occasion the production calls for the stage to be “soiled” with black-and-white clips from documentary images of urban settings, streets and yards, suggesting the universal scope of this local conflict between mother and daughter. This is the kind of fight manifest in every home. What leads a parent to believe she has to be a despot? Should a daughter just live with it or fight back? What keeps love alive in an atmosphere of suspicion and resentment? These issues and more are raised in the Kharkiv “Laboratory Theatre” treatment of “Gods are Fallen” where resolution is to be found only there where love is allowed to rule.

Author of the text: Sergiy Vasylyev, a theater critic

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