A screen shot from Hyde park on Hudson movie
Timetable for the New British Film Festival promo image

from November 13th - Kyiv, Kyiv cinema
Timetable/Buy tickets online
from November 14th – Poltava, cinema named after I. P. Kotlyarevsky
from November 21st - Odessa - Rodina cinema, timetable
Ternopil, Palats kino cinema
Donetsk, Zirochka cinema, timetable
Dnipropetrovsk, KinoStation cinema, timetable/buy tickets online
Chernivtsi, Kinopalats cinema, timetable
from November 22nd - Vinnytsia, Rodina cinema, timetable
from November 23rd – Lviv, cinema at the Lviv Palace of the Arts, timetable
from November 28th - Zaporizhia, Dovzhenko cinema, timetable
from December 5th - Kharkiv, Kronverk cinema, timetable