In November 2014 the British Council together with Nazarbayev University brought together some of the best minds from government, universities, colleges and business in Kazakhstan, the UK and neighbouring countries to the SEE into the Future Conference. 

It is our exciting initiative in Eastern and Southern Europe and Central Asia that addresses important issues around skills, entrepreneurship and employment. #SeeIntoTheFuture is much more than a conference, that includes online surveys, discussions and language competitions. 

This year about 1500 students took part in an online survey to access whether their universities prepare them adequately for the world of work. The winners have been chosen randomly in all countries of the region including Ukraine.

We are happy to announce that the winner of the Amazon Kindle is Esther Ustymchuk, a 2-nd year student of Foreign Languages Faculty of Nizhyn State University. She studies English and German, plays the guitar and the piano, sings in a university choir and loves Charles Dickens. 

Read more about the SEE into the Future conference here.

If you are a student or a UK alumnus, we recommend you to watch our recorded online discussion with universities and businesses. 

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