British Council has announced the winners of social actions projects competition for "Active Citizens" — project for youth in the area of intercultural dialogue and social development. 69 projects were supported, the British Council total funding is UAH 965 399.00, partners co-funding is UAH 832 479.00. Project teams will start inplemetnation in December projects will be delivered by the end of April 2019.

Title Location Partner British Council funding Their co-funding Aim of project
Radiopulse Hrebinkivka, Kyiv region NGO Active Citizens Town 11 715 0 The latest news and contemporary hits on the walls of the school.
Art movement: create a space for an art development by yourself Sumy NGO Active Citizens Town 14 980 0 The creation of a comfortable nonformal youth center (hub center) for the development of youth art potential in Sumy.
Two wheels Vyzhnytsia, Chernivtsi region NGO Bukovinian Agency for Regional Development 12 250 2 600 This is a unique place where you can come and personally repair bicycles, scooters, baby carriages or wheelchairs.
#LifeZone# Smila, Cherkasy region Cherkasy State Technological University  15 000 1 750 We will build the parklet #LifeZone# at the central square of the city. It will provide the community with a cozy, aesthetic and modern mini-park and a place of relaxation and communication.
Real Stories  Nizhyn, Chernihiv region NGO Chernihiv European 14 500 9 220  “Real Stories” – creation of interactive educational theatrical/literal performances with art therapeutic workshops for children in Nizhyn inclusion resource center.  
FinCultural Marathon Chernihiv NGO Chernihiv European 14 910 5 800 The purpose of the project "FinCultural Marathon" is to increase the financial culture and literacy of student youth, residents and local governments of united territorial communities (OTGs) through the use of interactive learning methods that will contribute to the formation of their prudent behavior in the management of both personal finances and financial resources of local communities. 
Theater of all possibilities Novopskov, Luhansk region NGO Crisis media center Seversky Donets 14 942 2 300 "Theater of all possibilities" is focused to a wide range of people, including people with disabilities. The project will create a theatrical studio based on the Novopskov Professional Agrarian Lyceum. In the project, the studio members will have the opportunity to learn theatrical skills.
To wire a LED flashlight  Zolote, Luhansk region NGO Crisis media center Seversky Donets 15 000 5 000 To wire a LED flashlight on a solar battery with a motion sensor on a playground in the city of Zolote (Luhansk region) for safe leisure and popularization of renewable energy sources.
Youth corner Poltava  NGO Cultural Dialogue 15 000 1 600  "Youth corner" is a program which gives a special place for the Poltava Polytechnic College NTU "KhPI" students. Youth aged 15-20 years old can have a positive, fun, safe and judgment free environment for their recreation activities. This youth engagement program can stimulate students personal development as well as build positive relationships between student and college workers and promote community development in general communication.
A happy and cohesive peasant family is the key to a successful community  Shilovka, Donetsk region NGO Cultural Dialogue 15 000 96 346 Create a recreation area in Shilovka village.
Village without garbage  Potichok, Poltava region NGO Cultural Dialogue 15 000 8 000 Creation of a Relax Zone at thes it of the landfill.
The Аlbum of memories  Berdychiv, Zhytomyr region NGO Cultural Dialogue 15 000 15 650 "The Аlbum of memories" is the activation of the Jewish community of the city for the joint creation of the "Album of Memories", which will include histories and photographs of the life of Jews in Berdichev in the period from 1960-2000. 
Workshop of Grafic Poltava  NGO Cultural Dialogue 15 000 0 The "Workshop of Grafic" project is aimed at establishing new friendly relationship between socially vulnerable categories of the population through joint creative activities. 
Center of Eternal Spring Kamianopotok, Poltava region NGO Cultural Dialogue 15 000 2 000 Project "Center of Eternal Spring" — School of Oriental and national martial arts, creation of proper and aesthetic conditions for the oriental and national martial arts of the youth of the Kamianopotok community, by repairing and transforming the basement at the Kamyanopotok Center for сulture and leisure. 
Art studio “Сreative”  Gadyach, Poltava region NGO Cultural Dialogue  15 000 7 800 Assistance to special children and children of privileged categories through lessons of sand and iso-art therapy. 
Lounge Zone in the Children's Library My Space Space Berdychiv,  Zhytomyr region NGO Cultural Dialogue 15 000 13 500  Creating a comfort zone on the basis of a children's library for the general rest of children and parents. Activate readers' interest in reading, creativity, aesthetics and ensuring a positive emotional state.
SmartKids+CleanWater Chygyryn, Cherkasy region NGO Free space 14 975 2 800 Give children the basis of environmental education on the topic of drinking water. Teach children to relate to sources of drinking water.
The School of Public Activities in Chyhyryn Chygyryn, Cherkasy region NGO Free space  14 625 4 835 The School of Public Activities in Chyhyryn is a project of non-formal education for community activists, members of civic organizations, social entrepreneurs, leaders of public initiatives and all those who want to build a civil society in Chyhyryn (UTG) starting from their own.
School bike parking Tinki, Cherkasy region NGO Free space  4 000 0 We need parking on the territory of our school to have aesthetic look in the schoolyard, children will get used to keep their bikes in order and their bikes will be saved. 
Stopping in the Kunin village  Kunin, Rivne region NGO Infohub 15 000 9 000 Stopping in the Kunin village — a creative ethno space with informational and children's zones.
Involvement of pupils' youth and elderly people to create a theatrical collective and a theatrical performance  Zhytomyr NGO Institute of creative innovations  15 000 2 000 Involvement of pupils' youth and elderly people to create a theatrical collective and a theatrical performance on topics of interaction between representatives of different generations and performances with this show in different groups (divergent, mixed).
Art-rubbish bin in Chulakivka: cool and clean.  Chulakivka, Kherson region Kherson Regional Charity Foundation "Union" 14 759 6 334 The project’s activities are directed at raising the level and quality of life, makes better ecological situation in the village through the establishment the same art-rubbish bin on the territory of the village and establishing friendly relations between the citizens of Chulakivka.
Separate collection of garbage in Dobrodvyr Bilozerka, Kherson region Kherson Regional Charity Foundation "Union"  14 200 9 000 Association and activation of inhabitants of condominiums "Dobrodvyr" (Bіlozerka) for the implementation of separate collection of garbage (platform arrangement for containers, compost pit arrangement).
Future champions Bilozerka, Kherson region  Kherson Regional Charity Foundation "Union"  14 800 5 200 Promoting sports and healthy lifestyles in the Belozerка community by updating the material and technical base of a sports school and conducting a sports festival.
Quest Room "The Secret of Pharaoh"  Oleksandria, Kirovograd region Kremenchuk center "European club"  15 000 27 425 Quest Room "The Secret of Pharaoh" (the only one in Aleksandria) is an original, accessible and developing leisure place for the city's population, which promotes community cohesion, teamwork, leadership development and commitment, and is one of the most affordable and versatile species. family and corporate rest.
Children’s dreams — way to action Kyiv Kyiv Region Youth Center 15 000 0 Raising a sence of the owner on their own land in rural youth by creating of the Community Centre “Colour Space” in the closed school of Pohreby of the Koshiv community
Youth for you Kyiv Kyiv Region Youth Center 15 000 Creation of a free space for youth on the base of the Kiev regional youth center for the purpose of holding meetings of young people, mini-exhibitions of young artists, negotiations and creative meetings.
Green clothes of our city Vuhledar, Donetsk region  NGO Leader 14 500 1 000  Human relationship with nature a pressing question of our time.
Canistherapy Mariupol, Donetsk region NGO Mariupol Youth Union  14 000  2 400 Canistherapy-rehabilitation and psychosocial care for children using specially trained dogs
Corner of children's creativity  Sartana, Donetsk region NGO Mariupol Youth Union  13 715 2 300 Organization of children's leisure in an outpatient clinic in anticipation of receiving a doctor.
Mini-museum of the Cossaks   Sartana, Donetsk region NGO Mariupol Youth Union  14 900 20 000 Creation of a mini-museum for studying the history of the Cossaks to the younger generation.
 Investigator  Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia region  NGO Melitopol Local Jewish Community 14 995 3 970 The area for development and creative activities of the first formers and young learners “Investigator”. It will create conditions for psychological discharging of junior students and provide an opportunity for the development of critical thinking, which is very relevant in the context of New Ukrainian School.
Elder brother Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia region NGO Melitopol Local Jewish Community 12 084 2 360 The project “Elder brother” is aimed to create opportunity for social and cultural adaptation of disabled children diagnosed having mental retardation.
Іnclusive board games club Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia region  NGO Melitopol Local Jewish Community 14 980 7 450 The project “Іnclusive board games club” will offer splendid opportunity of comprehensive development of the personalities of  disabled people as well as people without disabilities when playing board  games and handicraft activities. 
At the height  Dobropillia, Donetsk region NGO "YCD "Dobro" 15 000 20 000 Тhe project “At the height” is aimed at improving the conditions for the development of a new Olympic sport and installation in the gym of the Belozersk school № 18 simulator "climbing wall" and conducting a series of training and climbing championships during the year.
Intelligent courtyard  Dobropillia, Donetsk region NGO "YCD "Dobro" 15 000 22 250 Arranging a leisure area for recreation and community meetings of chess and drafts of residents.
Safe path Dobropillia, Donetsk region NGO "YCD "Dobro" 16 320  21 100 Сreation of conditions for safe traffic both for cyclists, for pedestrians and motorists in Dobropilia city by means of attracting a specialist in this field. 
Lecture class for the youth center “The Forge of Ukrainian Intelligentsia” Dnipro Youth centre Osvitorium 14 893 6 186  Creation of space for lectures within the youth center “The Forge of Ukrainian Intelligentsia” for study purposes.
BabyHouseBook Lysychansk, Luhansk region NGO Severodonetsk Youth Council 5 400 200 Creation of a intellectual-creative space for kids and youth called "BabyHouseBook" in a library No8 within Family Speaking Club "Rodynna svitlytsya".
Active Territory  Lysychansk, Luhansk region NGO Severodonetsk Youth Council  14 690 1 500 On the basis of the library No. 6 of the KZ "Lysychansk TsBS" there will be a sports space "Active territory", where every willing resident of the neighborhood will be able to engage in sports, engage in a healthy lifestyle, find like-minded people.
BіblioArt Lysychansk, Luhansk region NGO Severodonetsk Youth Council  7 100 1 700 The project is based on creation libraries of creative youth “BіblioArt” for young people from 14 to 17 years old for those who are interested in the development of their creative health.
Basketball court upgrade Severodonetsk, Luhansk region NGO Severodonetsk Youth Council  15 099 197 620 Updating basketball hoops and pillars.
Museum of Volodymyr Dahl Severodonetsk, Luhansk region  NGO Severodonetsk Youth Council  14 100 15 000 Museum which tells us story of life of great lexicographer, lingvist, medic, surgeon, marine and writer who was born in Luhansk, lived and worked in Ukraine for 20 years and also known for the first dictionary of Russian living language.
Miracle of hands Severodonetsk, Luhansk region  NGO Severodonetsk Youth Council  15 000 8 000 "Miracle of hands", as a maker's center, according to our own methods of robotics with 3-D pens, to further develop new technologies, build models, build brains for teamwork and creative development among children of the socially non-property people. 
Upgrade Kropyvnytskyi sporting maps Kropyvnytskyy NGO Skyscraper 12 125 6 000 Promotion of the Kropyvnitsky brand as a sports city.
Train Mala Pomichna, Kirovohrad region  NGO Skyscraper  14 965 5 200 Women's leisure and their club foundation according their interests.
Books as a medicine Kropyvnytskyy NGO Skyscraper  10 000 2 200 The project "Books as a medicine" aims to create book zones in medical and rehabilitation institutions where treatment and rehabilitation of seriously ill children are conducted.
Book & Art Weekend in Children's Library Kropyvnytskyy NGO Skyscraper  14 810 4 335 Involving reading and creativity of preschool and junior high school children and overcoming the problem of non-reading and low level of artistic education.
ECO — the style of your city Kropyvnytskyy NGO Skyscraper  14 995 85 600 To teach children to sort the rubbish correctly  and earn extra money on it. To the consequences of the formation of unauthorized dumps, waste incineration. To instill the understanding that garbage is a resource that can and should be fully used.
Baba Yelka. Expedition to the oven Mala Vyska, Kirovohrad region NGO Skyscraper  14 250 200 The project participants aim to collect and record authentic folk songs during folklore expeditions in the territory of Maloviskivsky district, as well as to present the results of expeditions (mini films about each location) on the created YouTube satellite channel for the purpose of their preservation, popularization and transmission to the next generations. 
Space for developing social and mental skills of children with special educational needs Konstiantynivka, Donetsk region NGO South Star Club 14 980 12 620 To creane space for developing social and mental skills of children with special educational needs.
Painted city Zaporizhzhia Youth centre Spilno HUB 11 000 4 000  To paint 3 gray walls of city houses with bright and positive drawings, "revive" Zaporizhzhia by filling it with unique graffiti, to popularize modern art, to involve people in creativity and in processes of city transformation and development.
Bicycle school on road rules  Porkovsk, Donetsk region  NGO Strong Community 14 930 24 500 Youth education for road safety and road safety while riding a bike.
Active leisure area  Sloviansk, Donetsk region NGO Strong Community  14 200  0 To create of comfortable leisure conditions for active citizens of the city center of the Slavic city of Donetsk region, by means of equipment of the old site on the territory of the monument of local architecture. 
Drama Club Vuhledar, Donetsk region NGO Strong Community  8 134 238 Creation of conditions for the work of the club will increase the motivation to learn a foreign language, develop  information and communication, socio-cultural and general cultural competencies.
Art is the realization of dreams  Bar, Vinnytsia region NGO Uniqe country 14 933 12 525 Conduct painting studies in remote villages, get acquainted with artistic educational institutions of Ukraine, and provide vocational guidance.
Coworking for parents with children Zhmerynka, Vinnytsia region NGO Uniqe country  13 380  13 085 Coworking will help make the library comfortable both for children and for their parents, giving them space for "adults". 
Child Policlinic available for persons with hearing impairment Odesa NGO Young Community 14 600 36 000 Creating conditions in the pediatric clinic that will make it more accessible to hearing impaired and deaf people.
School changes — we change Arzyz, Odesa region NGO Young Community  15 000 3 000  Installation of ramps for unobstructed access to the school for people with special physical needs. 
Wheels for health  Arzyz, Odesa region NGO Young Community  14 800  4 100  Bicycle parking for our school. 
A step forward Slut, Sumy region NGO Young Community  14 932 9 800  Information and cultural citizenship space "A step forward" for social adaptation and communication for young mothers, single mothers, children from low-income families, people with disabilities, pensioners and unemployed people village of Slut.
ArtWall Zolotonosha, Cherkasy region NGO Young Community  13 690 2 700 To create a social advertisement on the city wall, aimed at overcoming the negative manifestations in the youth environment.
Together to realizing a dream  Shyroke, Dnipropetrovsk region NGO Young Community  15 000 14 000  Development of sports and physical culture in the community. 
For a clean environment Smidyn, Volyn region NGO Young Community  14 890 10 680 Arrangement of 3 points in color containers for the separate collection of solid waste and conducting a training campaign for residents of three villages (Smidyn, Rudnia, Paridubi) of the Smidinka United Community to set up a stable collection system for the sorting and recycling of garbage.
SensoryRoom Sloviansk, Donetsk region  NGO Young people of East of Ukraine 13 820 12 700 Mental Health Support and Prevention of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 120 children, their parents and 30 employees of pre-school educational institution No11 "Stremochek" by creating and equipping the room "SensoryRoom".
Act and speak Khmelmytskyy NGO Youth for a better future 14 800 12 000 This project aims at developing young people's talent, critical thinking and public speaking skills. 
BoardGames “ForAll” Lutsk NGO Youth for a better future  14 900 1 800 This is a board game club that periodically visitsor phanages and places where there are socially disadvantaged groups of people.
Free Space Zhuravlyne, Volyn region NGO Youth for a better future  15 000 5 000 The main aim of the project "Free Space" is to organize a creative space for leisure, relaxation and self-development of the residents of the village of Zhuravlyne.
Upgrade 22 Lutsk NGO Youth for a better future  13 833 3 500 To encourage the learning and formation of the personality of the students.