The "Effective Management of the Youth Centres" is a training programme for youth centres that develops the capacity and potential of these institutions to work continuously and systematically. It is aimed at developing the center's internal policies and procedures, strengthening organizational capacity.

The programme was established in 2018 by the NGO "Youth Platform", the founders of the Volyn Youth Centre, based on their own experience and the experience of existing centres in Ukraine, with the support of the British Embassy Kyiv and the "Active Citizens" programme of the British Council Ukraine. The first trainings were held for the representatives of the youth centres and local authorities of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In 2019, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine joined the implementation of the programme and the number of organizations and centres that underwent training increased significantly. The programme was supplemented by specialized trainings. The programme is currently administered by the All-Ukrainian Youth Centre.

A web resource was developed in addition to the program "Effective Management of Youth Centers", it consists of two sections:

1. 10 pages of advice for the implementation of managerial decisions, successful practices and policies in youth centers and spaces.

2. Interactive online toolkit for trainers of the programme "Effective management of youth centers".

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