Youth Platform

Youth Platform

Independent union of Volyn civil society organisations that coordiantes youth actions within civil society.

Foundation of Regional Initiatives

Youth NGO that works all over Ukraine with the goal of fortifying the youth movement institutions, training and supporting the active members of youth associations and supporting the development of student and youth initiatives in general. 



Ukrainian scouting organization. Plast’s goal is to promote an all encompassing, patriotic and self-educating program for Ukrainian youth based on Christian principles.

NGO "3C [Triple C] - Conscious Communication Community"

Networking platform for communication of  intellectual youth throughout Ukraine, promoting the value-oriented type of leadership among young people.

Considering a modern processes in Ukraine and all over the world we are facing the need to reformat existing social relations in order to find new solutions of urgent social, environmental and political issues. State and private institutions that are based on classical principles of problem analysis and decision-making are not able to cope.

Conscious Communication Community – a way to organize communication network of young people with an active lifestyle, career-oriented intellectuals, that are indifferent to their fate and the development of humanity as a whole.


Vinnytsia Regional SCO of Young People with Disabilities „Harmony”

Has profound experience in implementation of social programmes and projects for young people with disabilities integration into society in Vinnytsia region.

NRGO "Press Club for Reforms"

Kirovohrad Press-Club is a constant source of high-quality and useful information for local and regional media. We create powerful social and meaningful information campaigns, and hence generally create public opinion in the region.

Kirovohrad Press-Club has created the first in the area and still acting "Independent public press-center" for public control over elections. Every time when the election happens, we organize Information Marathon to prevent frauds & defend freedom of speech.

Bridge Youth Initiative

Bridge Youth Initiative

Youth organisation "Youth Initiative Bridge" - a platform for intellectual, cultural and physical development, promote social advancement of its members and civil society development in Ukraine.Organisation exist to provide educated assistance and support to young people who want to change and improve society. It operate, develop, grow, but remain a family. 

Center of Public Activity «RESULT»

Center of Public Activity «RESULT»

Our goal: development of initiatives aimed at strengthening of democratic civil society in Ukraine through the creation and implementation of various programs and projects.


- Fight against corruption;

- Local Government ;

- Gender equality;

- Youth Policy;

- International cooperation;

- Culture;

- Social Initiatives

Charity Foundation "From country to Urkaine"

Charity Foundation "From country to Urkaine" - an association of like-minded people who want to see Ukraine holistic modern country. In 2014, they started their projects to help the country move from phase of transformation to phase of creation.The transition is possible only in case of system operations. It all starts with education and culture, which is why they chose these directions in their work.