"How to surprise tourists and residents of the city?" This issue was very acute for the city of Chernihiv, which added the development of the tourism industry to the priorities of its strategic development. The answer was found right away. The project "Animated theatrical excursions" became a participant and winner of the Pitching of the projects that were conducted by the NGO VUM and British Council in Ukraine, project "Active Citizens". From July 2017, the project started to work fully. 

Monthly free animated excursions are tools to enhance the city's tourist attractiveness and tourist awareness. The peculiarity of excursions is tourists opportunity to personally get acquainted with the legendary historical characters of the ancient city, become part of history and to participate in the theatrical performance.

Until today, Chernihiv did not have anything like that. Therefore, organising and conducting animation tours allowed to attract more tourists and compete with other cities that already have such an analogue.

Now, there are 4 thematic animated excursions to the sights of the city ("The mysterious Chernigiv", "The tracks of the Cossack glory of Chernigiv", "Chernigiv intelligent", "Literary Chernigiv: excursion in the 19th century"). Excursions are free and take place every last Saturday from April to October.

Today, 7 excursions are held on the territory of Val, the Boldine Mountains and the central part of the city.

Typically, excursions are visited by tourists from Chernihiv region, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv. And recently excursions attended tourists from Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, and St. Petersburg.

Animated excursions №2
Animated excursions №3