Ірина Гаранчеська 1

The programme “Active citizens” has changed my life. Being a freshman in University I didn’t know what I could occupy myself with – I was an ordinary student, who attends all the classes, writes modules and studies lectures. Sad? Happen. So six months later, I tried to join the events of the University  and  the Student Council, but nothing inspired. But things changed after the training program "Active Citizens" by British Council in Ukraine. And it was the event that changed my life.

My team won and delivered our first project - "Art Therapy in Volyn region", after an emotional and informative training. It turned out that helping others, changing society a little bit is not only useful, but also very interesting.

The desire to work in the public sector grew rapidly.  My dedication and energy saw Zakhar Tkachuk,  chairman of the NGO "Youth Platform". He invited me to study and become a facilitator of the Active Citizens program.Then life went at a frantic pace: assistance in coordinating the action "Make Volyn region clean", coordinating the project "Lutsk Night Cinema" during the year, active assistance in creating the Volyn Youth Centre and further coordination of the volunteers of this centre. Over time, participation in the organisation of many events, trainings, powerful festival "Bandershtat". And since June of 2016, I was elected Chairwoman of the Student Council of Lutsk national University.

I already have a lot of projects behind me, a huge amount of trainings, but even more. I am pleased to realize that youth is changing every day, it has many opportunities for its development, and we have learned to unite for a common good goals. To be part of a family of Active Citizens is a great responsibility, a great honor and an incredible opportunity. If I did not get a training program from the British Council in February 2015, there would not have been any such events. You never know which event will change your life, so be worthy to be active and try to take full advantage of all the chances for development. I advise everyone – don't be afraid to be agents of change in their communities, it's worth it!