Corporate courses
Corporate courses

British Council in co-operation with Shell Ukraine are evaluating submitted project proposals in the sphere of exploration and productions of unconventional gas  in Ukraine.

The British Council jointly with Shell Ukraine announced a Call for Project Proposals for universities, scientific institutes, non-governmental organisations and think tanks in April 2014. 

The Advisory Evaluation Committee are evaluating submitted project proposals in the following areas: 

  • Natural gas as source of energy in Ukraine
  • Best international environmental protection practices for projects related to exploration and extraction of unconventional hydrocarbons
  • Socio-economic benefits for local communities, districts and regions

The Evaluation Committee is comprised of experienced consultants with relevant expertise in energy, socio-economic and ecological sphere.


Oleksiy Tatarenko (Chairperson of the Committee), Deputy Head of Shell Ukraine/Director of Government Relations Department  

Anna Dumanska, Head of Public Relations Department, Shell Ukraine

Nataliya Vasylyuk, Deputy Director, British Council Ukraine; Director of IDEAS (EU project)  

Ildar Gazizullin, Director of “Economic Policy and Business” Programme (Ukrainian Institute of Public Policy) 

Svitlana Mizina, Editor-in-Chief, “Energy.Oil & Gas” magazine

Svitlana Nigorodova, National Coordinator, Small grants programme, UNDP in Ukraine  

Bohdan Sokolovskiy – Energy Expert

More details about Advisory Evaluation Committee members.

The project proposals were accepted from 14 April to 14 May 2014. Successful proposals will be announced after 14 June 2014. The amount of project grants ranges from 10000 to 50000 US dollars.

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