Recently officials of the Presidential Administration have joined the British Council programme “English for civil servants”. Starting from 1 November three groups will be trained by highly professional teachers from the British Council.

“All participants prior to the beginning of the course participants took a test to determine their level of English and will learn English 2 hours a week,” – explained Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Dmytro Shymkiv.

Participants of the programme are higher (top, senior) and middle level servants of the apparatus of the Parliament of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of education, Ministry of foreign affairs and Ministry of justice. The total number of participants reaches almost 300. The British Council drafted training programmes, specially designed to meet the needs and demands of the civil servants in their respective areas – such as legal, educational and international issues. 

The aims of the project are

  • to develop Ukrainian civil servants’ English skills involved in Ukraine’s EU integration process and representation of Ukraine in the world arena
  • to deepen their understanding of appropriate vocabulary as well as improving their knowledge of terminology and language skills
  • to help in supporting the process of co-operation with the EU.