Marina Grishai

WhiteMovie production, Kyiv

A film production company specialising in the filming of advertisements, music videos, concerts, documentaries and feature films.

Prior to decision to found her own production company, Marina was educated as a film director. Following graduation, she worked as a director, but other companies always handled the production. She and her friends were repeatedly asked to work on this or that project, and in the process a team that loved to work together was born.

About the training

I read the Creative Enterprise announcement and decided that I had to try it and decide whether her idea of ​​creating a production company was right for her. During the training, Marina understood that she was indeed ready: she had her team, her dream, an education, experience and goals. The only thing she lacked was just the act of taking the next step forward. Inspired by her communication with other training participants, those who hoped to develop businesses, she understood that an initial step would be the development of her own website. The concept for the site emerged during her training, and Marina sought and received valuable feedback support from both her groupmates and facilitator.

Following her Creative Enterprise experience, the team launched a site where they featured their commercial work and feature films, and subsequently registered as a private company and hired an accountant.

Key achievements:

  • The White Movie Production team has grown from 3 to 10 people, and has the support of regular partners;
  • The quality of their productions, the number and budgets of their projects increased.