Learn English, How to register UA-YP

It’s never been easier to study English with us    

1. Take the placement test if you

  • are enrolling with the British Council for the first time 
  • were tested more than 6 months ago 
  • finished classes 6 months ago and wish to re-register.

The exclusive British Council International Language Assessment (ILA) is free.

Step 2. Choose your study plan

After the test our consultants will help you choose the most suitable course of study for you or your child.

3. Register for the course

You or your child will be able to immediately register for the recommended course by making the payment based on the issued invoice. 

During the professional consultation session we will help you to develop your study plan in accordance with your needs and your level of English after the placement test.

Download the infographics with registration steps for Young Learners courses overview

Book a professional consultation and placement test.