We emphasise to our students that they are responsible for their own actions and we expect them to choose to behave well while at the British Council.

We look to positively reward good behaviour in classroom. We avoid punishment for responding to misbehaviour/poor academic performance due to the effect this has on children’s development.

At the beginning of course, we take time to set up agreed class behaviour rules and then build classroom routines which remind students of our behavioural expectations. If there are issues in terms of your child’s behaviour, an Academic Manager will approach you to resolve the issue and set up a plan of behaviour.

Our rules:

  1. Follow the teacher’s instructions.
  2. Listen to teachers, staff and other students.
  3. Let everybody contribute and take part in classroom activities.
  4. Respect everyone and keep everyone safe.

We will:

  1. teach children that everybody is welcome and important at the British Council.
  2. teach children about good classroom behaviour.
  3. take action against any form of bullying and speak to you if your child has been bullied.
  4. only discuss your child’s behaviour with you (not other parents).
  5. speak to your child if their behaviour is disruptive and explain to them why their behaviour is a problem.

Unacceptable behaviour:

  • Preventing other students from studying
  • Being rude or aggressive
  • Disrespecting the teacher
  • Bullying
  • Damaging property
  • Constantly refusing to follow instructions

In cases where a child’s behaviour is not meeting our expectations, there are a series of steps that we will take:

  • The teacher talks to the student
  • The teacher talks to the parent
  • The teacher talks to the Senior Teacher and agrees a behaviour improvement contract signed by parents, where we monitor the behaviour for a series of ten lessons. If after any of these stages the child’s behaviour improves, then we will not need to take the matter further. If unacceptable behaviour continues, the student will be expulsed from the British Council without a refund.