Measuring progress

Assessment is a vital part of our learning process. Our approach to assessment in Primary classes is follows both an Assessment for Learning and Assessment of Learning approach, in order to promote and measure learning, while encouraging children to reflect upon their progress regularly and helping them to develop as autonomous learners. In order to achieve this

1. We share learning aims or intentions with the students and parents so that they know what they are going to learn and why they should learn it.

2. Students are informed of success criteria for the academic year, the semester, the lesson or the activity so that they know what they need to do to achieve a task.

3. Oral and written feedback from the teacher focuses on the particular aspects of a child’s work, with advice on what he or she can do to move learning forward and avoids comparisons with other children. Feedback is two-way so that the child is always involved in assessing his or her results and outcomes and occurs during as well as after the activity.

4. Peer and self-assessment encourage children to take responsibility for their learning and to take on a more active role in the learning process.

Assessment in Primary Plus is based around the project. The projects establish a framework for teachers to assess what the students have achieved through the module, not just in terms of language but also in the way they have developed their language skills and core skills. In Primary Plus, the tasks and activities throughout the magazine guide the students towards the end of module project. After the project we encourage students to reflect on their own progress using traffic light system that can be found on the back page of each magazine.

Students are also evaluated on their class participation, class work, language skills and behaviour. Each of these aspects is monitored by the teacher, and parents are sent a written end of semester report on the child’s progress. There is an example report at the bottom of this page.

Feedback can be requested from the teacher during the term by emailing including your child’s name and their class. If you would like to talk to the teacher, please contact our Customer Service team via Live Chat from 10 till 17, Mon-Fri or write an email on

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