Our approach to teaching

The British Council provides learners with a rewarding and stimulating English language learning experience. We help all learners reach their full potential by respecting them as diverse individuals, and by encouraging them to be active participants in their own learning. Our curricula offer continuity and progression for every learner, at whatever age they begin their English language learning with the British Council. Our lessons create an environment where children are free to express themselves and ask questions.

The following learning strategies are key to best supporting your child’s language development. In British Council we encourage:

  • full interaction and participation in lessons
  • practising of language through stimulating and challenging activities a stress-free environment making lessons enjoyable and a place where confidence can blossom
  • the development of such skills as independence and self-reliance
  • your children with a variety of different of media to make lessons more motivating and interesting
  • parents to become partners in the learning journey through monthly newsletters and workshops during Autumn and Spring
  • your children to learn about different cultures, so they are more confident in the world

Your child’s course will include two key elements: magazines and an online Learning Hub.

Magazines have been developed by experts for your children to support the effective learning strategies.
Learning hub is an online portal designed to enhance your child’s progress in English.


Magazines, coursebooks, notebooks and folders

Primary Plus 

Primary Plus is a series of theme-based courses developed for children aged 6-10 years and is taught using a series of engaging age-based magazines. It is the British Council’s global English product for the primary life stage and aims to improve English language skills whilst also considering the child’s development into a well-rounded individual. It also gives children confidence that goes beyond their language skills.

Each magazine has several mini and large projects that will get the students working together, being creative, thinking critically, solving problems, and developing their English language skills.

Primary Plus supports children in their personal, social and emotional development, as well as in developing important 21st century skills naturally, through specially formulated activities.

Creativity and imagination Critical thinking and problem-solving
Leadership and personal development Digital literacy
Citizenship Collaboration and communication

Secondary Plus

Secondary Plus is taught using a series of engaging CEFR-aligned magazines. It features a modular, project-based approach with up-to-date topics linked to current issues and real-life tasks; students are motivated to talk about things that are important and that have personal meaning for them.

Through tackling real-life tasks, working in groups and crafting researched answers and innovative solutions, students not only build the all-round language skills for tackling school exams, but also develop their 21st century skills: critical thinking and problem-solving; communication and collaboration; citizenship; creativity and imagination; digital literacy; student leadership and personal development.

IELTS, Proficiency and ZNO Courses

For IELTS, Proficiency and ZNO Courses, you will require a coursebook. These are not included in the course fee. Information about which books are on the website. 


The British Council teachers

We recruit English language teachers with internationally recognised qualifications in English language teaching who have the knowledge, skills and experience to develop the language communication skills and learning strategies of our learners. Our teachers receive on-going professional development and are supported by a team of academic managers in order to deliver a high-quality learning experience for each learner. They understand the developmental needs and interests of children at different ages.

The students and the teachers will speak English in class. The teachers will insist that your child uses English in class, not just to demonstrate knowledge, but for everything they need to communicate during the lesson. Our teachers encourage learners to be actively involved in learning and set up lessons that promote meaningful communication and efficient learning.

The British Council is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, nationality, race or sexuality. We are proud that our teaching team is made up of a diverse range of individuals and we consider this a great strength.