e-Twinning project
e-Twinning project

eTwinning is a EU programme that was started in 2005 with a purpose of developing school partnerships in Europe. Teachers and students that have been registered on eTwinning platform can link with other European schools and implement joint projects. The key component of learning is usage of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Ukraine joined this programme in 2013 as part of EU’s Eastern Partnership programme. In the first year, 78 schools from various regions of Ukraine have taken part in eTwinning. For that purpose, a special eTwinningPlus on-line portal was created, that also has Georgia, Moldova, Azerbajan, Armenia and Tunisia as members.

Benefits for pupils from joining eTwinning Plus community

- opportunity to enhance ICT and English skills; team-working and projects skills; getting new  friends in Europe and greater cultural awareness through direct contact with peers in other countries.

Benefits for teachers

- sharing expertise and experience with colleagues from other European countries; enhancing ICT skills and creative approach to teaching.

The link to the website with more detailed information about joining the programme: http://etwinning.com.ua/pro-etwinning-plus/sho-take-etwinning-plus/