Friday 08 April 2016 - 00:02 to Saturday 09 April 2016 - 00:02
Національний університет ім. Б. Грінченко

21st Annual National IATEFL Ukraine Conference is going to be held at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine on 8-9 April 2016.

IATEFL Ukraine and British Council Ukraine invite teachers of English to the conference “New Generation Learning - New Generation Teaching”. You will have an opportunity to attend presentations, talks, workshops and book exhibition. Use the opportunities to network with ELT professionals from around Ukraine and beyond.

Meet old friends and make new contacts.

Plenary speakers:

Marjorie Rosenberg - has been in the field of ELT since 1981 when she moved from New York City to Graz, Austria. "

Getting unstuck – stretching out of our comfort zones: We tend to stick to certain routines and sometimes don’t take advantage of possibilities to stretch ourselves or take on challenges in other areas.  This talk will explore the implications of this regarding our teaching styles, methods we are accustomed to using, the types of classes we usually teach, the technology we are comfortable with and a variety of choices available to us as ELT professionals outside the classroom".

Hugh Dellar is a teacher and teacher trainer with over twenty years’ experience in the field.

"Planning for Success - when planning lessons, we need to take a wide range of often competing factors into consideration: our learners and their backgrounds and interests, expectations and exam systems, length and frequency of classes and so on. In this talk, I’ll be suggesting that the two most crucial aspects of planning involve ensuring a consistent thread across lessons and preparing to explore and exploit the language that’s there in materials you are using".

Arkadiusz Jaworski - holds MA ELT from the University of Lublin, Poland, and also studied English teaching methodology and didactics at the University of Eastern Finland.

Language Assessment: what? how? and why? - this talk will focus on the new developments in language assessment and such concepts as Cambridge English Scale or Learner Oriented Assessment will be explained. We will also look at various stages that are involved in the production of an effective language test and unpack notions such as ‘validity’, ‘impact’ and ‘washback. Finally, we will discuss how language assessment and certification can help you as educators and your students.

Piotr Steinbrich is a lecturer and teacher trainer at the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland.

"Digital literacy as one of the pillars of FL education - Digital literacy is part of the 21st Century Learning model and it involves the familiarity with and the ability to use various digital tools in the process of learning. Nowadays teenagers are surrounded by technology. Smartphones, tablets or laptops have become inseparable part of their everyday lives. In this talk we are going to investigate the power of modern digital media in the language classroom and to see how both learning and teaching English".

Detailed information about the conference is at the IATEFL Ukraine website.