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Anna Klapiichuk wrote on our Facebook page

Thank you British Council in Ukraine for such Supportive and Positive exam IELTS assistants, who made this test less stressful! It was a pleasure for me to take the test here 

 An IELTS success story from Andriy Styahar

I am Andriy Styahar from Lviv, Ukraine. A year ago I found out about the course Erasmus Mundus Master’s Course Mathmods: Mathematical Modeling in Engineering.

I decided to apply for it and after that was accepted. But there remained one more demand: to prove my knowledge of English with some exam that is recognized in the world. I decided to pass IELTS. The closest center was in British Council Lviv. I enjoyed the friendly people there and passing exam wasn't stressful at all.

Therefore passing this exam successfully gave me a lot of opportunities as it was the last demand that I needed to fulfill in order to enter the program.

Now I can continue my career and study applied mathematics in Europe in order to change experience regarding science. Moreover, it’s a chance to find out traditions of all the other students which study with me.

Finally, the program opens a possibility to live and study in the most developed European countries like Italy, France and Germany. Thank you, British Council!

Nataliya Kulchitska achieved her dream of teaching English

Do you believe that dreams can actually come true?  

Now I do!  

Ever since my childhood English was my crystal dream. I studied music, though.  

One day I decided to do something about my childhood dream and started learning English. I entered the Lviv National University and watching my teachers and professors began to dream that I am a university teacher too. I worked hard. One professor told me about ESOL and encouraged me to take FCE. The preparation to this exam was both challenging and exciting. I passed it with A grade - it was a moment of sheer happiness! In a couple of years I graduated and now I am a university teacher - I teach English in Lviv National University. That's my story. Keep dreaming!