Young people of a lesson

On May 28 at 1300 Ukrainians will try to set a new world record in the categoty of the Largest Language Lesson in the World. Participants across Ukraine will simultaneously participate in the exact same interactive English language class. This history-making event to support Ukraine’s “Year of English” will be broadcast live on the internet from the flagship vanue in Lviv. The project is implemented in cooperation with the US Embassy, America House Kyiv and GoGlobal. The British Council on its turn organizes one of such lessons in its Kyiv office.

Anyone can get engaged in the event either as a participant or as an organizer. Go to to find out how you can participate in the event, host a venue, or find the nearest venue near you.

The event includes All-Ukrainian contests for “oldest participant,” “youngest participant,” “best photo,” “most creative use of “Ukraine Speaking” logo,” “most unusual venue,” and “largest venue outside Lviv.”  Prizes will be awarded.

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