Публічна лекція Ліз П'ю
Публічна лекція Ліз П'ю

15 April at 19:00 Edinburgh Business School Eastern Europe in partnership with the British Council in Ukraine invite to a business meeting with Liz Pugh, an art-consultant at the British Council on the topic «Creativity and culture  – how business might gain competitive edge by embracing the ideas that drive a creative economy».

Liz Pugh runs a small arts business that has grown to be one of the most respected in the UK – with a turnover of £3million her company has managed to thrive in the former industrial heartlands of England’s North West, even during times of economic recession. Her company, Walk the Plank is a creative force of artists and event engineers who inspire change in communities, and whose acclaimed work includes festivals, celebrations and performances around the world.    

Liz’s own story of building a business runs in parallel to Manchester’s recent history of transformation  - one of the first cities to face the challenge of losing its traditional manufacturing, mining, and textile industries, the city began to develop its creative industries, stimulate its knowledge economy, and respond to private sector initiative.

Liz’s views on what characterises a successful arts business – one which puts creative success and sustainability alongside profitability.

Liz is an experienced speaker with an understanding of the current socio-economic landscape of Ukraine borne out of her time spent working with the British Council in Kyiv – she has spent the last six months here developing partnerships between the British Council and the cultural sector here and in the UK. 

The presentation will be in English, for 35-40 mins, with 45 mins of questions and discussion. 

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