DocWorks: UA/UK

Together with Sheffield Doc/Fest and DocudaysUA we came together to deliver a three-stage feature documentary training and mentorship programme for emerging documentalists — DocWorks: UA/UK.

Three producer-director teams from both the UK and Ukraine were selected via an open call to participate in two face-to-face sessions (in Sheffield and Kyiv), as well as online mentoring with hands-on guidance from leading industry professionals from the UK, Ukraine and Europe. The mentorship phase lasted for almost a year, enabling our participants to crystallize stories for their first feature docs.

At the final stage of the programme teams pitched their projects to potential funders and distributors in March 2017 at DocudaysUA in Kyiv. The international jury awarded the DocWorks UA/UK prize of 3,000 GBP to Underwater (director Oksana Kazmina, producer Ljosha Chashchyn).


UK projects

  • Loyalty versus truth in Ukraine
    director Edward Cowley
    producer Chris Bevan

    Logline: Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, this film is the about the battle to clean up graft, which for many is a way of life.

  • (N)OSTALGIA: The Pleasure of Ruins
    director Vicki Thornton 
    producer Marion Guth 

    Logline: Three very different perspectives on a remote mining town transitioning from communist utopia into tourist spectacle at the edge of the world.

  • The Return
    director Simon Hipkins
    producer Dominic Hipkins

    Logline: A daughter’s journey across war-torn Ukraine to save her mother.

Ukrainian projects:

  • Underwater
    director Oksana Kazmina
    producer Ljosha Chashchyn

    Logline: In search of a treasure pearl mussel fearless Ama divers go up to 25 meters deep without any equipment. 'underwater' is a story about people who aren't afraid to dive free into their own depth.

  • Panorama 
    director Yury Shylov
    producer Sashko Chubko

    Logline: This story about projectionist that worked 44 years in the oldest cinema in Kyiv, and his struggle to adapt to life after the retirement

  • The Great Accelerator
    director Oleksiy Radynski
    producer Lyuba Knorozok

    Logline: If you feed a deliberate lie into the computer, it will multiply — and mess the whole thing up.


Jerry Rothwell, a documentary director. His work includes the award-winning feature documentaries “Donor Unknown”, “Town of Runners”, “Heavy Load” and “Deep Water”. In 2012 Jerry won a prestigious Royal Television Award for his directing work on Donor Unknown and Town of Runners.

Jo Lapping works in BBC Storyville documentary producing from the moment it was founded in 1997. She is also an active participant of STEPS, a fillm making initiative from South Africa. Jo Lapping had been travelling and working in Africa for a long time.

An anthropologist and documentarian André Singer has produced some hundred projects, including the Academy Award nominated titles and winners of prestigious international film festivals. Among others, he has produced such global documentary hits as The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence by Joshua Oppenheimer. His latest directorial project Night Will Fall has won the British Royal Television Society Award for History. Also, he is the President of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland.

A Serbian documentary director Boris Mitić who works within self-created genres such as ‘gypsy Mad Max’, ‘satirical vérité’ and ‘spaghetti eastern’. In his films he shows Serbia in an ironical and critical way. Mitić was a journalist before buying a camera and making his debut film Pretty Dyana, using his personal computer for editing and color correction. His works were featured at over 150 international film festivals.

Audrius Stonys has made some 20 films as an independent filmmaker and producer, and won numerous international film awards, including the Audience Award in Nyon, the Grand Prix in Split, and prizes in Bornholm, Neubrandenburg, Bilbao, Florence, Oberhausen, and San Francisco. He worked as a teacher of documentary film at the European Film College, Denmark, and has been a lecturer at high schools in India, Spain, Japan, and the US. He is a member of the European Documentary Network and the European Film Academy.

Yulia Serdyukova became a filmmaker after working with documentary photography. For the past five years she has been producing the documentary films. In 2010, she and Oleksandr Techynsky have founded the Honest Fish Documentary Stories, the independent production company. Their works include All Thing Alblaze, the international awards winning feature documentary. Since 2013 Yulia Serdyukova also works at Docudays UA IDFF.

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