The International Literature Showcase is an online festival of contemporary British literature as well as an interactive medium for meetings, exchange of experience and collaborations between professionals in the sector.

This online platform, which we created jointly with the UK’s National Centre for Writing, is primarily aimed at industry representatives of various profiles (publishers, writers, organisers of festivals and other events) and provides an opportunity to learn about new programmes available for them, find contacts and connect with colleagues from the UK and other countries, read works by British authors, while a curatorial group from Writers’ CentreNorwich annually chooses a focus and promoted worthy contemporary UK writers. 

The first showcase focused on ten women writers. The next iteration highlighted 10 LGBTQI+ authors. This year’s showcase is 10 writers of colour. The goal is to promote these authors to international literature festivals, among academics, publishers, and readers. 

For more detailed information and full access to the width of the online platform visit the International Literature Showcase website, where professionals from the sector can register as a delegate to receive updates, access exclusive content and be invited to participate in programmes around their areas of interest.