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On January 24, at 21:00, UA: Radio Culture broadcasted the play "The Voice", which won the UA/UK Radio Drama competition, organized by the British Council, the Ukrainian Radio and the Mystetsky Arsenal. 

The UK-Ukraine Radio Drama Competition, organised by the National Radio Company of Ukraine and the British Council, in partnership with Mystetskyi Arsenal, offers a unique opportunity for aspiring writers, with the winning play broadcast to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians.

The program includes a competition of original radio plays, which was opened from April 23 to June 30, 2018, and opportunities for improving the professional competencies of Ukrainian radio writers, producers, directors and studio technicians.

Short-listed participantsparticipated in a radio playwriting masterclass (24-28 September 2018), led by British BBC Radio 4 and Radio 3 playwright Frances Byrnes, where they will work on their scripts, exploring a range of writing and editing techniques.

Iryna Borysyuk, a literary scholar, journalist, teacher and writer, won the competition. Her play "The voice" will be produced and broadcast by the National Radio Company of Ukraine in January 2019, and its author awarded a prize of 25,000 UAH.

The winner was determined by a jury, which will include representatives of the National Radio Company of Ukraine, Mystetskyi Arsenal, British production company Rockethouse, and Ukrainian experts in literature and theatre.

In November 2018, Matt Thompson from the British independent radio production company Rockethouse will lead practical training on the challenges and creative opportunities of radio drama production, including building compelling soundscapes, getting the best out of actors, and editing techniques. This will be a unique opportunity for aspiring directors, producers and sound engineers to gain practical experience in radio drama production from an industry leader. Participation conditions and dates will be announced in September through the National Radio Company of Ukraine, the British Council, and Mystetskyi Arsenal.

About the winner

Iryna Borysyuk – Ph.D. in Philology, Assistant Professor of the Department of Literary Studies at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Head of the Journalism Department of the "Odnoklasnyk" ("Classmate") magazine. The author of more than 50 literary publications, a manual for students in philology, several dozen stories for teens.


Yulia Yemets-Dobronosova, Kyiv, "Three Minutes of Fame"

Dmytro Ternovyi, Kharkiv, "Ward No.7"

Oleksandr Baburov, Sumy, "Kiotyk" (Small icon case)

Vitalii Peretiatko, Mykolaiv, "Bucket in a Bag"

Artur Zakordonets, Oslamiv village (Khmelnytskyi region), "The Fourth Option"

Serhii Kolinko, Poltava, "Two"

Oleksandr Vitolin, Kyiv, "The Enemy Among Us"

Iryna Borysiuk, Kyiv, "The Voice"

Oksana Maslova, Odesa, "Voices in the Head"

Yana Kostrulina, Tavriysk (Kherson region), "The Seventh Minute"

Meet the UK partner of the project

Rockethouse’s motto is ‘Unexpected and Beautiful Radio’.  Founded in 1998 it’s a bijou supplier to the BBC specialising in one off documentaries and dramas for UK National Radio and the BBC World Service. They also work with Amazon audible producing sound for long duration audio dramas such as The Jungle Book and The Christmas Carol (with Sir Derek Jacobi) and narrative computer games.  

Frances Byrnes loves creating for the radio and its invisible, intimate world. She began as a BBC Radio Production Trainee in 1988. Since 2005 she’s written drama for Radio 3 and Radio 4, fiction and memoir. She’s dramatised cowboy films and classic novels, and even put ballets on air.

Matt Thompson is a very experienced radio director and producer. He has directed on location, working with actors on the street, in fields, forests but also in high end studios. The purpose is the same: to create totally believable realities from the performance of actors and the manipulation of sound.

Competition timeline:

25 April — 30 June Application period
3 September Announcement of the short-list
24-27 September Radio play writing workshop
13 November Announcement of the winner
26-30 November Radio play producer and director training
January 2019 Premier of the winning play on the National Radio Company of Ukraine


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