Alla Zagaykevych

Alla Zahaykevych is a graduate of the Petro Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine and the Paris Institute IRCAM. n 1986-1998 she was a member of the folk group "DREVO".

In 1997, with the support of the Soros International Foundation, she founded the first Ukrainian Electroacoustic Music Studio at the Petro Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine.

She is the curator of "Electroacoustics", "EM-vision" (since 2003) international projects, head of the Association of electroacoustic music of Ukraine at CIME / ICEM. Mentor of the "Sound around me" international project of electro-acoustic music in Vienna (2019).

Alla Zahaykevych received the “Golden Dzyga” award of the Ukrainian Film Academy in the nomination "Best Composer" (2017). She is also the winner of the expert vote of the "Filmed in Ukraine national competition" in the "Best Composer 2016-2018" nomination.

She is laureate of the O. Dovzhenko, L. Revutsky and M. Lysenko State Prizes.

Winner of the Musica Nova International Electro-acoustic Music Composition Competition (Prague), nominee of The New York Innovative Theater AWARD for music in the “FARE WATER NIGHT” performance of Yara Arts Group theatre (2014).

She is the author of articles in “Ukrainian Musicology”, “Organized Sound”, “Musiktext”, “Music”, “Scientific Bulletin of NMAU”, “Journal of NMAU”, “Critique” scientific publications.