Luka Lebanidze

Luka Lebanidze is a composer of an audio post-production studio “Post Red” and a co-founder of video games development studio “Post Red Play”.

Luka joined Post Red 2 years ago, after he graduated from Berklee Valencia (Berklee College of Music) where he received a masters degree in Scoring for Films, Television and Video Games. As his graduation project Luka recorded and conducted his score in Air Studios, London with 50 piece orchestra.

Together with Zviad Mgebry Luka is actively involved in Georgian advertisement and movie industry.

Some of the highlights of the projects Luka created music for are:

- Video game “Neural Bots”

- Interactive movie “Arena”

- Chinese TV series “Mask”

- Documentary movie “What to do with Stalin?”

Luka’s key strength is writing music for orchestral instruments and film scoring technology. Luka‘s uses Georgian harmony and ethnic instruments with orchestral and electronic music.