Helen Flanagan, Blood Sweat Tears, 2019 installation view at the Museum of Odesa Modern Art, photo: Oleg Kutskiy

Ask any artist what they need most to bring their creations to life and, regardless of discipline, the answer will be the same: time and support. For four years now, the British Council in Ukraine have been teaming up with the most progressive artistic ventures in Ukraine and the United Kingdom to provide exactly that – time and support – to promising artists and curators from both countries.

In Ukraine, the British Council works with the YermilovCentre and the Municipal Art Gallery, from Kharkiv, the Museum of Odesa Modern Art, Lviv’s Jam Factory Art Center and Centre for Urban History, Artsvit Gallery, Kultura Medialna and DCCC from Dnipro city; in the UK, with Hospitalfield, Arbroath (from 2019-) and its partners across Scotland – Cove Park, Argyle; Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Aberdeenshire; The Pier Arts Centre, Orkney; Dundee Contemporary Arts Print Studio (DCA); Glasgow Sculpture Studios (GSS) and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (ESW) – provide the expertise. In 2016-2018 our main partner in the UK was Liverpool Biennial.

The objective of the programme is captured in its name – SWAP: Cultures, artistic traditions and trends, innovations in technique, perspective and philosophy cross-pollinate as creative minds travel the breadth of Europe to experience the artistic abundance of geographies both physical and psychological, territories once walled off that are now open for exploration.

For the fourth iteration of the SWAP: UK/Ukraine residency programme 2019 – following artists and curators were selected.

More information about SWAP: UK/Ukraine residency programme 2019 final exhibition in Dnipro.