We can offer you a number of free online materials which will help you to work on your professional development and connect you with like-minded professionals from the comfort of your own home.

Watch the recording of our free online session with the president of IATEFL

On 15 April, Dr Harry Kuchah presented the work of IATEFL and provided more information on benefits for members and non-members. He also explained different ways to engage with IATEFL and how you can use their online resources to continue your professional development.

Online course for teachers "Core skills of the 21st century"

Learn how to develop your students' core skills needed for life and self-development in the 21st century. This course focuses on a learning process and four core skills: critical thinking, communication and collaboration, creativity and digital literacy.


There are more than 100 lesson plans and activities specifically designed for the primary school classroom for you to select. All our lesson plans and activities are divided by levels and you’ll find a range of topics from seasons and festivals, to ideas about using flashcards to help improve grammar.


There are more than 200 lesson plans and activities specifically designed for the secondary classroom for you to select. We also have resources in our UK culture section will that help you to teach your students about famous British authors, including Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Dylan Thomas.

Online professional development for teachers of English

Take a look at your teaching practices and identify areas that you'd like to work on further with our free professional development programme. The programme consists of three courses, that cover 12 different practices, that teachers should consider as they plan their professional development. Join any, or all of the courses, and start sharing your experiences with teachers from around the world.

Webinars on how to teach classes online

Many teachers are finding themselves in an unfamiliar situation of having to teach their classes online, with little or no experience. That's why we've organised a series of webinars to offer guidance in key areas. All webinars are recorded, so don't worry if you miss them, you can always watch the recording in your own time. 

Connect with other teachers online

If you'd like to find out what teachers from other countries are doing, why not join our global teacher community on Facebook? You can share your experience there and get new ideas from colleagues who are facing similar challenges. 

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