English for Dnipropetrovsk

About the Project:

British Council Ukraine has been working together with the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration since March 2015 on a joint project - “English for Dnipropetrovsk”. The aim is to implement reforms in English language learning, teaching and assessment throughout the school system.

Together with British experts, the project team is focussing on developing a sustainable continuous professional development model for English teachers that will help to improve teaching methodology and ultimately, the level of English proficiency among learners who will have more opportunities for employment and career growth in the longer term.

Key project activities:

  • In May 2015, British consultants visited 12 schools in Dnipropetrovsk, Kryvyi Rih and Pavlograd where they observed primary and secondary school teachers and their learners. The project team then developed a comprehensive strategy and recommendations for teacher professional development.
  • In August 2015, 50 teachers together with their 4 lead methodologists attended a professional development Summer School organized by British Council Ukraine. The participants covered different topics from language and classroom skills, application of appropriate teaching techniques and methodologies for specific age-groups.
  • The British Council will conduct continuous monitoring of the teachers as they progress through their training and will also undertake a final evaluation of the project in cooperation with project consultants towards the end of January 2016.
  • Expansion of the geography of the Project together with the Go Global Presidential initiative in 2016