"Kitten" (based on "The Lieutenant of Inishmore" by Martin McDonagh, translation by Ilya Pelyuk)

The Performance: Padraic is a ruthless murderer feared throughout Ireland. He knows neither mercy nor sentiment. He storms about the countryside, bringing devastation to everything and everyone in his path. There is one creature, however, for whom Padraic holds deep feelings, but when misfortune strikes, Padraic will take it out on the entire island to sate his desire for vengeance.

Creative Team:

Director - Maxim Golenko
Stage Design - Masha Khomyakova
Composer - Dmitro Danov

About Wild Theatre (theatre website - an independent theatre founded on 10 February 2016, Wild Theatre already is among Ukraine’s most popular independent theatres. A provocative and headline-grabbing space, Wild Theatre resists stereotypes. Bring a cup of coffee, a flask of cognac, or show up stark naked and you’re welcome here. Just don’t expect any warning bells or “safe” performances. This is not your grandmother’s idea of an evening at the theatre. Wild works with the hottest directors and actors in Ukraine and produces contemporary writing addressing pressing social issues. Wild aims to provoke, and to shine a light in the darkness.

About the director:

Maxim Golenko - Ukrainian theatre director, born in Mykolaiv, lead director at the independent Wild Theatre.

Between 2006 and 2017, Maxim has staged thirty performances in both professional state-subsidized and non-state theatres around the country - in Mykolaiv, Rivne, Kolomia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Luhansk, Kyiv. In 2016, he produced "Viy", by Natalia Vorozhbit at the Magdeburg Theatre (Germany).

In 2017, Ukrainian theatre critics listed him among their “Top 10” theatre directors.