NATO Resettlement Programme - English Language training for retired and retiring Ukrainian military personnel.

The British Council is proud to continue its commitment to improving the professional skills of retired military officers in order to facilitate their integration into civilian life. We have been cooperating with NATO on this project since 2000 and have helped nearly 5,000 former military officers gain the necessary skills to find employment after they retire from the military. One such vital skill is communication, particularly a good command of English.

The course will:

  • Improve your level of English
  • Enhance your career opportunities

Those who are eligible must have had a contract with one of the following organisations:

  • The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine
  • The National Guard
  • The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine
  • The Security Service of Ukraine


  • Plan to retire within one year from the start of the course
  • Retired from one of the above-mentioned services within the last three years from the start of course
  • Retired 10 years ago and were mobilized in the ATO (within the last three years from the start of course), and at the point of start of the course plan to retire within one year or have already retired from military service

As well as

  • Be able to devote their time to learning English and
  • Plan to use the acquired skills and knowledge in their civil career

All candidates must provide documents which confirm their eligibility.

In 2019, courses are planned for Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Shall the professional military community decide to launch the project in their city they are welcome to contact the organisers.

Each course is 400 hours (1 hour = 60 minutes). You will study for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week over 4 months.

Technical requirements for the applications:

Format: pdf, jpeg

Size: up to 8 MB

Name of the documents: Surname and Name, title of the document.

If you are interested and meet all the criteria, please contact us by e-mail: NATOproject@britishcouncil.org.ua or by phone 044 490 56 00.