Wednesday 22 May 2019 - 19:00 to Sunday 26 May 2019 - 16:45

This year, the guests of the 9th International Book Arsenal Festival can expect numerous events with the participation of British authors, illustrators, publishing specialists, and even musicians. On the first day of the festival, the British Council presents the new soundtrack to Arnold Kordyum’s Dnipro in Concrete by Anton Dehtyariov, graduate of Envision Sound, a programme for film score composers, and British composer Robin Edwards. Also, radio drama fans can look behind the scenes of the Ukrainian Radio and listen to a live reading of a play by a finalist of the Radiodrama UA/UK competition in an on-site radio studio on the premises of the festival. Director of the London Book Fair Jacks Thomas will visit the Book Arsenal and talk in detail about new opportunities that the fair can open to Ukrainian publishers and allied industries.

In March 2019, the International Book Arsenal Festival received the International Excellence Award, founded by the London Book Fair and The Publishers Association, as the best international festival. Choose events to your liking, and we will see you on May, 22-26, at the Mystetskyi Arsenal!


19:00 – 19:45. Live Studio. Kyiv Speaking. Reading of the radio drama Ward №7 (2nd place of the Radiodrama UA/UK competition). Cast: Dmytro Ternovyi, Olha Ternova, Oleh Korotash, Iryna Melnyk, and other voices and actors of the Ukrainian Radio. Coordinated by Svitlana Svyrydko-Serova.

21:00 – 21:45. Street stage. Screening of Dnipro in Concrete (1930) accompanied live by Anton Dehtyariov (Ukraine), R. Seiliog (Wales), with Volodymyr Babushkin (Ukraine). Organised by the National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre. With the support of the British Council in Ukraine.


12:00 – 12:45. Live Studio. Discussion: Radio drama – what is it, and how does it work? Moderated and hosted by Natalia Hrabchenko, speakers: Nellia Danylenko, Hanna Veselovska, Oksana Shchur. Iryna Slavinska’s curatorial programme Kyiv Speaking.

20:00 – 20:45. Exlibris Hall. Book presentation: A Short Story of Drinking. Participants: Mark Forsyth (UK), Andrii Kurkov. Organised by Folio Publishing


13:00 - 13:45. Business Stage. Discussion: How does a publisher work with the Creative Europe programme? Participants: Paul Engles (UK), Diana Voland (Italy). Organised by the National Bureau of the EU-programme Creative Europe in Ukraine.

16:00 - 16:45. Business Stage. The London Book Fair: new opportunities for Ukraine. Organised by the London Book Fair, with the support of the British Council in Ukraine and the Ukrainian Book Institute.

18:00 – 18:45. Farby Hall. Talk: Identity versus imperial domination. Abir Mukherjee’s new vision. Presentation of the Ukrainian edition of the novel A Rising Man. Participants: Abir Mukherjee, Tetyana Pylypets, Oleksii Pechii, Kateryna Natidze. Organised by Fabula Publishing.

19:00 – 19:45. Sfera Hall. Dialogues on cultural diplomacy. Participants: Alexandra Shulman (UK), Jacks Thomas (UK), Dmytro Kuleba, Irena Karpa. Organised by the Ukrainian Book Institute, with the support of the London Book Fair and the British Council in Ukraine.


13:00 – 13:45. UVK Hall. Neil Titman, Director of Business Development at «Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers», speaks about how to make museum collections and cultural heritage visible to the world «The phenomenon of the “Director’s Choice” series in Europe and beyond».

15:00 – 15:45. UVK Hall. How to Make Your Portfolio Work for You – a workshop with Derek Brazell and Jo Davies (UK), authors of the bestseller Becoming a Successful Illustrator. Organised by ArtHuss.


16:00 – 16:45. Cafe Europe. An Illustrator as an Entrepreneur – a lecture by Derek Brazell and Jo Davies (UK), authors of bestseller Becoming a Successful Illustrator. Organised by ArtHuss.