Zviad Mgebry

Zviad Mgebry is a co-founder and a composer of an audio post-production studio “Post Red”. He leads the music department that has been very active in the film, advertisement and video games industry.

Before joining Post Red 5 years ago, Zviad started his career as a sound engineer and music producer in which he has a very strong background.

Zviad has already worked on widely recognized films such as “Shindisi” by Dito Tsintsade (Georgia) and “And Then We Danced…” by Levan Akin (Sweden), both of them selected as an official submissions for Oscars.

Recently, Post Red has actively started offering its services to countries in Europe and North America. Post Red with his team has worked on several international projects with companies such as BBC, Netflix, Amazon, etc.

One of the movies that Zviad has created music for is British film “How To Fake A War” by Rudolph Herzog, also Chinese TV series “Mask”.

Zviad is very active within the Georgian advertisement industry as well, as he has created music for many creative agencies which are very successful. Zviad’s music is also recognizable within the animation community; he has written music for animations such as “The Fisherman and The Girl” by Mamuka Tkeshelashvili, and “Horizon” by Dato Kiknavelidze.

Zviad is a multi-instrumentalist and his key strength is to unite Georgian and world instruments as well as electronic elements to create very unique sound for each project.