Envision Sound 2018-2019 alumni projects

Projects supported by the British Council:

  • Ukrainian Composer Serge Syntkey for his score composition for the film “Between Wars” directed by Alina Gorolova.

This is the story of a large Kurdish family from Syria scattered by war. Living in Iraq, Ukraine and Germany, they attempt to adapt to their new homes while staying in contact with each other. The family history is viewed from the perspective of one young son, Andriy Suleiman, who has fled the Syrian conflict only to land in Ukraine, now also beset by war. In his new home he works to assist those at the front living under the constant threat of war.

  • Georgian composers Luka Lebanidze and Zvyad Mgebrishvili for their musical score for the film "Salt from Bonneville", directed by Semyon Mozgovy.

"Salt from Bonneville" is the story of two Kyiv friends bent on setting a world landspeed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah on a modified classic Soviet motorcycle. The attempt and the accomplishment serves as a test to their friendship in this film about more than simply setting a world record, but about the challenges a man is willing to take on in order to see his dream come true.

Soundtracks commissioned by the Dovzhenko Centre for performance at the Mute Nights Festival:

  • "The Adventures of Poltynnyk"

Directed by Axel Lundin (Ukraine)

Children from working class neighbourhoods go about carefree lives in wintertime Kyiv, sledging down snowy hills, testing their nerves on high cliff edges and workers' quarters carelessly get on the snowy streets of Kyiv-roll off from snowy slides, test forces on the edge of deep precipices and besting the unstable surface of the frozen Dnieper. But a glance through a fence knothole opens a world they haven’t seen before—the city’s wealthy class having fun.  One boy, Fedko, but called “Roughneck” for his mischievous character, leads the group of boys on increasingly risky adventures—the kind that drives adults crazy and earns huge respect from his friends.

Contemporary musical accompaniment by Belarusian composer Volga Padgaiskaya and the Five-Storey Ensemble.