The British Council’s programme of theatre residencies Taking the Stage 2.0 announces selected participants from the UK. Among 26 applicants we have selected five UK directors, who will have the opportunity to work in one of five host theatres drawn from Ukraine’s state-funded and independent sectors.

Andrea Ferran - National Academic Drama Theatre 

"Andrea's experience of participating in international residencies and organizing theatre festivals is certainly appealing. However, the key factor for our decision was the style and direction of her creative pursuits, which coincide with the vector of our development. In addition, Andrea's attraction to interdisciplinarity in theatre corresponds to our current priorities and gives us hope for exciting and fruitful cooperation."

Josie Dale-Jones - Wild Theatre - Kyiv 

"We opted for Josie because of her view of the process, her approach is rather experimental for us than habitual."

Matthew Evans - Theatre on the Left Bank - Kyiv,

"For our theatre, Matthew is the most interesting and valuable candidate for cooperation. His professional experience and view on theatrical activity are important and amusing for our team. The topics Matthew strives to research seem extremely meaningful for the development of modern theatre. We believe that our cooperation will be an opportunity to comprehend (rethink) the acute moments of life, which is an important piece of the dialogue territory we aim to create. Theatre of Dialogue." 

 Peter Cant - Dakh Centre for Contemporary Art - Kyiv

“We believe Peter can bring a new method of work with independent artists and popularize site-specific theatrical experience. He also has a good ability to work with voices and music, which is one of the key elements of our theatrical activity. At the same time, we have a background of relationships which gives both of us an opportunity to be more focused on research and production. 

Zoe Lafferty -  Neft Theatre & Parade-Fest – Kharkiv,  

"Zoe was the first on our list, her multidisciplinary approach, and experience of working with harsh topics and in areas with military and political conflicts corresponds with our vision of theater. We were even more convinced the decision was right after the interview, the topics we'll discuss, approaches, and methods of working with relevant issues would also enrich our own experience."

During the summer, residents and theatres will work online to create the idea of a joint project. As soon as the situation becomes safe for travel, participants and theatres will be able to meet in person and continue cooperation in Ukraine.

The health of our partners, artists and colleagues is our priority throughout this situation. We are following local government and health authority guidance in the countries where we work and, where it is in line with guidance, we continue to run our cultural programmes. Where we are unable to continue a programme, we will endeavour to postpone or offer alternatives.