The professional development course for English teachers "Teaching English in the New Context" for English teachers of grades 7-9 was developed to support the New Ukrainian School reform and was successfully piloted in March 2023 on the Future English Online Teacher Community platform.

Between July 2023 and March 2024, five cohorts of participants (around 5,000 teachers of English) successfully completed their training and are now applying the obtained skills and knowledge. Currently, a programme and course are being developed to support teachers of English in their preparation for the pilot launch of the reform of upper-secondary school (grades 10-12). Below you can find the content and aims of the course "Teaching English in a New Context: Secondary Education, Grades 7-9"

The course will use a mixed mode of delivery that combines various elements of synchronous and asynchronous online interaction and aims to develop English distance teaching skills. It enables participants to develop their core teaching skills and integrate an understanding of digital literacies and new technologies that will enable them to develop learning for their students that is both engaging and interactive.

The course will be delivered in four 1-week modules with a final plenary session to present their group project tasks.

In addition to this, participants will have access to:

  • A collection of video tutorials.
  • A resource library of links to relevant articles, videos, and teaching materials.
  • A digital tools library with annotated links to free and freemium digital tools along with video tutorials showing how to use the tools.
  • Three additional self-access modules will also be made available. These will be optional, and participants can select any they are interested in.

After successful completion of the course, the teacher will receive a certificate.

A couple of days before the start of the course, detailed instructions on how to join the platform and further steps will be sent to the email address you specified in the form.

In case of any questions, please contact:

Module 1. Engaging with learning technologies - Digital literacies

This module introduces participants to the topic of digital literacy. Participants will look at what exactly digital literacy is and explore some of the considerations of integrating digital literacies into their lessons and syllabus. Participants will also explore some of the related issues and challenges of teaching learners who have grown up in the digital age.

Module 2. Skills for remote teaching: Planning and adapting materials

This module looks at how to plan a remote lesson and some of the differences with face-to-face lessons. Teachers will also look at how to adapt the activities in their course book, so that they work well in the remote classroom. This module takes a practical approach to the content used and how teachers adapt it for remote teaching.

Module 3. Skills for remote teaching: Managing remote learning

This module looks at classroom management. It helps teachers to think about the skills they use when teaching face-to-face in a classroom and how they can transfer those skills to teaching remotely.

Module 4. Skills for remote teaching: Assessing and motivating learning

This module explores different assessment approaches and their impact on learning. As well as helping teachers reflect on their own assessment decisions, they’ll consider the different skills teachers need when moving to online teaching and how assessment also needs to differ from a face- to-face context.