Here you will find answers to the most common questions about Active Citizens programme's delivery in Ukraine.

Who are Active Citizens?

Active Citizens are individuals across the world who want to make a difference in their community.

They are people and institutions established, trusted and valued in the community – CSOs, NGOs, religious leaders, politicians, youth workers etc. They are influential and working to improve the lives of people living in their community.

What are delivery partners?

To deliver the Active Citizens programme, we work with a network of partners around the world.

Our partners are civil society organisations, youth centers and universities who have a strong influence on cultural relations at community level. These organisations and their staff are powerful advocates for social justice. They reflect the culture and interests of the community and are effective leaders and organisers within the community. They can, for example, include youth groups, arts groups, trade unions, religious groups or local authorities.

The Active Citizens programme is flexible and we work with our partners, adapting content to address the specific challenges they face.

What is a facilitator?

Facilitators deliver the Active Citizens training programme to local communities around the world.

To deliver the Active Citizens programme, we work with a network of partners around the world. Each of our partners identifies at least one person from their organisation to become an Active Citizen facilitator and to attend a facilitator development workshop.

These workshops are held regionally and internationally and last around five days. Facilitators explore the vision of the Active Citizens programme in detail and become familiar with the toolkit.

What are participants?

Participants and volunteers are individuals who want to become influential in their community.

Our delivery partners manage the recruitment for their Active Citizens training programme. Participants will go on a journey which moves them from self-awareness to understanding where their community sits in the world and finally to how their local actions have global resonance. They will develop their skills in dialogue and increase their value for difference.

How Active Citizens works

We work with partner organisations around the world to deliver and develop the Active Citizens programme.

Delivery partners identify facilitators and we train them in the skills they need to deliver the Active Citizens training to others.

Following their training, they use the Active Citizens toolkit to design and deliver the training programme to participants in their local communities around the world. Participants receive the tools and support they need to set up or adapt the way they run their own social action projects to tackle a social issue within their community.

How do we work with partners?

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What is the toolkit?

Toolkit has been created to help facilitators to design and deliver the Active Citizens programme all over the world.

It includes guidance notes, learning outcomes, explanations of abstract concepts, case studies, delivery checklists and step-by-step guidance on how to deliver activity.