Oblast level social action projects call

We are launching a series of oblast level social action projects calls in Ukraine. We invite you to submit new initiatives to participate in the call, as well as initiatives that are already under implementation in different areas.

Individual applications and applications prepared by teams for projects in different areas of implementation are invited to participate in the pitching of projects:

  • Youth projects for the support of children, encouraging their active involvement and creative contribution;
  • Cultural and artistic events that are targeted to benefit the cultural education and interests of the community;
  • Creative space projects that introduce innovative elements into the cities’ public spaces and streets, and public-oriented arrangement of courtyards and public institutions and venues;
  • Educational projects that employ available IT applications that promote community life;
  • Ecological projects that bring community into harmony with nature, benefit the local environment and boost ecological awareness among local residents;
  • Inclusion projects aimed at providing access to facilities for disabled persons living in both urban and rural settings;
  • Social cohesion projects aimed at building dialogue and community solidarity;
  • Support projects for internally displaced institutions of higher education (universities and technical institutes) ensuring institutional stability and quality of education

As part of the pitching, participants submit applications for passing the preliminary selection of the project for the relevance of the idea for the society and compliance with the specified priorities through the website activecitizens.in.ua.

Then all ideas will be evaluated by experts from the British Council and partner organizations. From all projects, the Committee will select up to 25 projects that will score more points according to the competition criteria. These projects go to the next stage: four-day online training. A prerequisite for participation in this stage is that the project team members take an online course "Project Design for Social Initiatives" on the VUM platform.

The next step is the voting for projects on the site activecitizens.in.ua

And the last step is the presentation by participants of their own pitching projects, after which a special Committee determines the winners who receive funding for their project.

During 2020 –2021 we are planning to organise 7 waves of oblast pitchings. Information on each wave you can find on the relevant page of the site. If you wish to participate, see the detailed guideline for applicants.

Oblast pitchings are carried out according to the "Active Citizens" methodology, they are co-financed by the European Union and the British Council within the Strengthening Cross-Sectoral Collaboration for Social Cohesion (SC3) project.

The Strengthening Cross-Sectoral Collaboration for Social Cohesion (SC3) project is a 36-month project aimed at effectively addressing development challenges and opportunities at local level through improved cooperation between civil society organisations (CSOs) and local authorities (LAs) in Ukraine. It is delivered by the British Council working with three experienced (CSO) co-applicants and will operate across all of the Government-controlled areas (GCA) of Ukraine, including GCA Donetsk and Luhansk.

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