Take an exam, IELTS partnership, UA-YP

The strength and continuing success of British Council IELTS rests on our partners, who support test delivery and candidate recruitment through endorsement and promotion of the British Council IELTS exam.

To recognise the importance of our partners and our appreciation of them, we are launching a partnership scheme called The British Council Ukraine IELTS Partnership Programme in September 2013.

The programme is for organisations that prepare candidates for IELTS and/or register them with the British Council and includes a range of benefits to institutions that become our official partners. This will help us work together for mutual benefit, and at the same time help our students and customers achieve their life goals.

The programme has three levels of membership - bronze, silver and gold. They are awarded according to the number of candidates you register for IELTS with the British Council for one calendar year.

The benefits accumulate as you move up the levels enabling a long-term mutually beneficial partnership between your organisation and the British Council. Contact us starting September 2013 if you wish to take part in partnership scheme.