New EFL curriculum (New Generation School Teacher)

The pre-service teacher training (PRESETT) methodology curriculum reform project in Ukraine aims to bring about a sustainable and radical transformation of the pre-service teacher training of future teachers of English in pedagogical universities across Ukraine. 

As a result of the project, a new and more school-based Curriculum on EFL Methodology has been developed. What makes the new curriculum different from the traditional one is its practical nature: theory through practice, communicative way of teaching Methodology with English as a medium of instruction, more hours on school practice, new approaches to assessment with the focus of assessment on skills rather than knowledge. 

The Curriculum was piloted for three years in 14 universities and the results were evaluated externally by Alan Mackenzie, Director of ELT transform. 

The project team designed the Curriculum of EFL Methodology and developed a cadre of novice teachers who were very well prepared to enter schools as highly competent classroom teachers. According to an external evaluator ‘The students’ level of professionalism and the depth to which they can analyse and discuss their own teaching is very high. They have been very well acculturated into the profession’.

One of the recommendations from this evaluation is to use the experience of this course to develop a national framework curriculum for the future training of all subject teachers. 

The results of the PRESETT methodology curriculum pilot were presented at the conference in October 2019.The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, rectors of the Pedagogical universities, teachers and students from pilot universities shared their success and praised the quality of the Curriculum and its results.


New Generation School Teacher project

Implementation of the New Generation School Teacher project

All-Ukrainian conference ‘Presentation of the Results of the Project “New Generation School Teacher”

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