The project started in 2014 as a baseline study into the provision and role of English in higher education in Ukraine involving 15 National and State universities and has since grown to involve 32 universities from across Ukraine. 

The baseline research and publication has formed an important aspect of recent policy dialogue with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Based on the findings of the baseline research an ambitious programme was developed. The project aimed at improving the level of English language competency both of university teachers and students resulting in their active participation in international events.

Within the framework of the project, teacher development schools were organised, directly engaging with 2813 teachers from 32 universities, with the content and learning being disseminated to 7,000 teachers.

The final evaluation took place in October and November 2018 aiming at evaluating the project’s impact both in terms of quality of teaching and learning in partnering institutions, but also in respect to the education system and policy changes. Professor Simon Borg carried out field-visits to eight universities, met teachers and students, observed classes and discussed the project results with the university authorities. More than 2500 students and about 500 teachers were involved in the evaluation survey. 

Based on the recommendations of the ‘English for Universities’ project, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine jointly with the British Council in Ukraine have developed a policy on English in higher education in Ukraine which outlines how the quality of English teaching, learning and use in HE in Ukraine can be enhanced in order to support the national strategies.


Project “English for Universities”

Presentation of the research results of “The English for Universities” project

Presentation of the results of the project “English for Universities”