Continuing Professional Development Framework (CPD Framework)

The Continuing Professional Development Framework was developed in 2012 within the project “In-Service Teacher Development”. It is the British Council CPD Framework that is in the core of this document which has been adapted to fit the Ukrainian system of professional teacher qualification levels.

The Framework serves as a planning guide for continuing professional development to boost teachers’ professionalism. The Framework looks at professional values, professional skills of a teacher and life skills. This is a tool to measure the level of teacher professional competence.  It contains clear descriptors and indicators (criteria) of teachers’ professional behaviour.  The Framework has been adapted to suit the professional development needs of teachers of other subjects.

In addition to being a guide for continuing professional teacher development, the CPD Framework can be a tool for an objective and transparent process of teacher attestation and certification.

The Framework is a self-assessment tool to be used by teachers to identify gaps in their professional development; an objective assessment tool to be used by school administration in the process of teacher attestation and a guide for teacher educators to develop INSETT teacher development courses.

The Framework contains descriptors and indicators (criteria) of professional teacher behaviour in the following areas: "Planning Lessons and Courses "; "Understanding Learners"; "Classroom Management"; "Assessment and Evaluation"; "Knowledge of the Subject"; "Managing Own Professional Development" for different teacher qualification levels (Newly-Qualified, Specialist, Advanced, Professional).

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