In the SWITLO project, we aim to encourage English language teachers in Ukraine to create and lead professional communities in their schools. We will call such communities teacher activity groups and their leaders facilitators. We will help you become successful facilitators in our training. During the training, you will learn how to organise successful Teacher Activity Group, how to support and facilitate effective discussions, promote cooperation and professional development of the participants of such a community.

The facilitator helps to create an environment where teachers can exchange ideas, share resources and collectively improve their teaching practice. The idea of such a community is to work closely together and learn from one another, creating a lifelong learning experience. 

The first SWITLO (Skills and Well-being in Teacher Learning Opportunities) project activity was delivered in Kraków, Poland on 29-31 January 2024.

Over the three-days event 128 teachers of English from Ukraine learned how to establish thriving communities of practice across the country. Teachers were actively engaged in discussions and micro-facilitation aimed at fostering a supportive environment for sharing experiences and providing tools for motivation and interest. 

The SWITLO project supports teachers in:

a) Building a strong community of practice through interaction and reflection;
b) Empowering them to design their own CPD programme based on their needs.

It is based on the Teacher Activity Groups (TAGs), where teachers learn from each other. This approach offers sustainable continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for teachers.


SWITLO project evolves from our teacher development course, Teaching and Learning in Difficult Times (TLiDT), initiated in August 2022 to help Ukrainian teachers navigate the challenges of teaching during wartime. You may learn more about the course, its participants and outcomes here.

In August 2023, TLiDT was revamped in response to Ministry of Education requests and participants’ feedback, aiming to expand its reach to more teachers nationwide.

Participants of the project

The project timeline is from November 2023 until March 2026.

As part of the project, we aim to empower 1500 teachers of English as TAG facilitators. We offer teachers full support in organising and TAGs in their communities, each involving about 10 teachers. This will create professional communities of practice, engaging 15 000 teachers across the country. These groups will meet a maximum of twice a month for facilitator-led professional development sessions.

15,000 teachers in TAGs will receive materials relevant materials to promote trauma-sensitive education, enhance well-being for both teachers and learners, and address professional needs in the challenging context of Ukraine, both during and after wartime.

Supporters of the projects

We also involve representatives from Centres of Professional Development or school leadership (e.g., school principals, vice principals, or unit heads) as TAG coordinators. They will receive ongoing support and training from the British Council project team through sessions, webinars, and professional development courses.

In-Service Teacher Training Institutes (INSETT) will play a key role in supporting TAG facilitators by providing meaningful supervision. INSETT teacher educators will receive guidance on building capacity for these regional communities of practice.

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Safeguarding in SWITLO

You can view photos from the SWITLO project events at the link.

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