NUS steering committee

The Steering Committee was created in 2016 to support the New Ukrainian School reform in the area of teaching modern foreign languages. The Committee consists of the representatives of the British Council in Ukraine, the Institut Français d’Ukraine, and the Goethe-Institut Ukraine, chaired by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The main aim of the Steering Committee is to provide expertise, advice, and hands-on training to modern foreign languages teachers (MFL), teacher educators/methodologists and decision-makers all over Ukraine.  

Our cooperation resulted in supporting about 20,000 MFL teachers through face-to-face teacher training including massive training. We have also provided an online support to 1,730 MFL teachers. We have developed a pool of 267 MFL teacher trainers who regularly pass on their newly acquired knowledge and skills to other teachers. We have supported INSETT teacher-educators who played a vital role in organising and delivering massive cascade training for all MFL teachers who start teaching in primary school. 

In addition to teacher professional development workshops, we also provide teachers, tutors, trainers/multipliers, methodologists with networking opportunities.

Teachers have access to our online platforms: NUS platform for English teachers, IFprofs for French teachers, a platform for primary school German teachers. Each platform contains online teaching materials and didactic input. Teachers also have access to free online resources which they can find on our websites. 

The Steering Committee is willing and ready to support the New Ukrainian School reform in future by providing continuing professional development opportunities for MFL teachers, building capacity in online teaching and learning, providing access to online teaching and learning resources and creating teacher networking opportunities.