"Time does not spin idea, but only make it stronger" - a success story of a facilitator from the program "Active Citizens" Iryna Polyetuha.

Any educational or cultural program is primarily created by people who profess common ideas and principles, and who share and multiply them. Often these people unite to work together on concrete projects and creating results. Someone leaves, someone stays, and someone is the core person who unites these others. This person is a graduate student of the Institute of Philology and Journalism from the Lesya Ukrainky Eastern European National University - Iryna Polyetuha, who has been in the program since the first day. During her work, Iryna visited a huge number of cities in Ukraine, from Lutsk to Kramatorsk, where she facilitated local trainings and that helped different people to make changes in their communities. Introduction to programme began with most important part - with the project "Dialogue" between internally displaced persons and communities and continued in various forms across the country. Iryna contributed to generating a lot of ideas, and one was decisive for her - a free space at the university campus to provide students with the opportunity to study, relax and develop! And after 2 years, the project started because of Iryna’s knowledge, without financial funds or donors, because our citizens can shape their future and Iryna proves it by example. The community of Active Citizens wish her success and inspiration for such work!