Khrystyna`s story 1

Think globally, act locally"  that slogan made me  interested  in this program, so I decided to join.  I do not believe that the country would change  when one president will be change to another one, but I am sure that everything will change when people change their perspective of view, when  people will be ready to take responsibility for our common future. Therefore, this program is  for such a transformation of society.

This year I had the grand opportunity to represent Ukraine in the international project "World Merit", which takes place in New York, USA. It was the biggest project in which I participated. There  took part 360 participants from 100 countries

For several weeks we have been  developing social action projects that have contribute to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations by 2030. Later we presented our project at the United Nations General Assembly.
First  of all it was hard to believe that this is happening with me, because to get into the UN was my dream last few years, thanks to the "Active Citizens" is a reality.

In general I can say that the program has expanded worldview and networking, have changed the attitude of many events that took place in the world. At first I thought only of Ukraine and what kind of projects can be done here. But when I heard that what ia actually going on  in Nepal, India, Sudan, I realized that it is terrible and we should help each other to survive in this planet. Clear differences scale of needs and problems in different countries, someone concerned about the development of civil society, someone fighting discrimination, racism, while others simply do not have access to water. Also i realized how as  difficult to work in the UN and find the compromise or how could be difficult to negotiate or promote any decision, the bureaucracy of course has not been cancelled. But also, importantly, I realized during  that project, despite the p polar problems range combines all these people the desire for action and with this people I want to work and build wonderful future. I want to see in Ukraine  more active people and we just can do it together!

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