Opportunities for Creative Enterprise Ukraine Alumni Network

As of October 2022, the Creative Enterprise Ukraine community includes 775 alumni. More than 120 of them received further post-training support for their projects. Such support includes mentorships, strategic sessions, consultations, participation in a peer group, as well as seed funding and prizes from programme partners.  

Opportunities are available for all alumni of the Creative Enterprise Ukraine since the programme's launch in 2015.  

Currently, we offer three types of opportunities to our alumni through a regular competition call opening each half a year.  

Also recently we launched a new additional format – the Online Express Consultancy Day with experts in various business areas. Attendance is available via a pre-registration form communicated to the alumni community in advance. 

As part of the opportunities call you can choose among the following options: 

  • Six-month business mentorship
  • Strategic session
  • Participation in a peer group. 
Opportunities foe Alumni - description

Six-month business mentorship

This opportunity offers getting critical answers for developing your business further. Mentorship may be considered as a long-term path for your enterprise growth, a period to evaluate your decisions and hypotheses. A working plan is shaped with your mentor at the first session. Business mentorship is expected to focus on your business needs rather than personal development. 

Duration: six sessions, two hours each. 

How often: one session per month. Overall, business mentorship lasts no longer than six months. 

Format: online or offline (if a mentor and you are based in one city). The travel costs for a mentor to hold one session offline, if based in different cities, are covered.

Strategic session

A strategic session is an intensive work on a long-term vision for your enterprise development and an action plan for the closest period. Moreover, this opportunity is also a chance to work on the strategical questions. It is critical that your business partners also join the session and work with you as a team.  

Duration: two sessions, eight hours each. 

How often: one session per month or two days in a row.  

Format: online or offline (expert arrives at a location organised by the team, expert travel costs covered).

Peer group

It is a group of mutual support between Creative Enterprise Ukraine alumni. The peer group consists of four alumni and an expert. The sessions of a peer group are dedicated to the participants’ businesses development. Here they can receive a piece of advice and feedback from each other. This group plays the role of an informal steering committee.   

Duration: six sessions, four hours each.    

How often: six sessions throughout a year.   

Format: online or offline. If all participants and an expert are based in one city, the group meets at an office/studio of a participant from the group.

In case of questions, please, contact us at ce@britishcouncil.org.ua.