Partners of the Programme
Our partner – Be in UA

Dnipro: Be in UA

Local Partner

BE in UA is a Ukrainian platform that for more than 3 years has been developing creative design businesses in general and staying focused on the fashion market.

Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture - Logo

Dnipro: Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture

Local Partner

Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture (DCCC) is a cultural institution established to strengthen the links between the city and the world.

It is a platform for the international partnership, local context research, strengthening of a local creative community, exchange of experience, a rise of collaborations between artists, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Our partner – Kyiv: Mystetskyi Arsenal

Kyiv: Mystetskyi Arsenal

Local Partner

Mystetskyi Arsenal is Ukraine’s flagship cultural institution that brings together various arts – from contemporary art, new music and theater to literature and museum development. 

The mission of the Mystetskyi Arsenal is to contribute to modernization of Ukrainian society and Ukraine’s integration into the global context based on the axiological potential of culture. 

Lviv: PPV Knowledge Networks

Local Partner

PPV Knowledge Networks is an economic development agency developing businesses and business eco-systems. The agency was established in 2008.  

It is delivering local and regional cross-sector economic development projects. The agency collaborates with business, local authorities and international organizations. 

Its focus areas are creative economy and green economy. PPV Knowledge Networks has over 50 implemented projects in its portfolio. 

Our partner - Kharkiv: School of Communication and Management Baggage

Kharkiv: School of Communication and Management Baggage

Local Partner

Baggage is a school of communication and management that has been established by practitioners. The alumni of the school are now specialists in various marketing roles having acquired knowledge in different areas such as finance, project management and team building. The school's methodology incorporates the provision of systematic knowledge, an efficient toolkit, and continuous practice and team work on real-life company case studies under the supervision of the best specialists in the areas. 

Odessa: Impact Hub Odessa

Local Partner

Impact Hub Odessa is a creative space without borders, where innovators come to share experiences and to be inspired.  A member of the international Impact Hub Network, this is a community centre, a co-working and event space, a conference hall and a fab lab all under the same roof. 

Our partner – Insha Osvita

Insha Osvita

Delivery partner 

Insha Osvita  working since 2008  with educational programs and facilitation of community development. It creates physical spaces for learning and interaction, experiments and transforms in accordance with the changes in society and the contexts it works in, to best address the current challenges. Insha Osvita understands culture as a cross-cutting factor that helps communities to unite and strengthen interrelations within, and thus helps society to function. 


Global Partner 

Nesta is a UK innovation agency with a mission to help people and organisations bring great ideas to life. It is our official partner for the global Creative Enterprise programme, having developed the methodology (and toolkit) as a result of its Starter for Six programme in Scotland.