Creative Enterprise Ukraine - Facilitators
Creative Enterprise Ukraine facilitator  - Alyona Kalibaba

Alyona Kalibaba

CEO of Chasopys Creative Family, representative of Seedstars World in Ukraine, member of the Board of telecom accelerator of the mobile operator Kyivstar — Radar Tech, co-founder of the School of Ukrainian Entrepreneurship and the International School of Social Business SELab.

Alyona is an expert in entrepreneurship, start-ups, innovations, project and accelerators setting up and management.

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Creative Enterprise Ukraine facilitator  - Volodymyr Vorobey

Volodymyr Vorobey

Volodymyr is a Managing Director of PPV Knowledge Networks economic development agency (Lviv, Ukraine). Since 2008 the agency is supporting companies and is developing business ecosystems, - developing business models and business strategies, generating project concepts and implementing cross-sectorial projects, conducts studies and investing in startups. It is a Business Information Support Centre set up by the EU4Business programme with the support of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Creative economy is one of the focus areas of the agency.

Volodymyr has over 20 years of experience in large projects management, business consulting and economic policy development. Volodymyr is a member of the Nestor Group and Warm City (Ivano-Frankivsk) supervisory board.

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Creative Enterprise Ukraine facilitator - Kateryna Kravchuk

Kateryna Kravchuk

Researcher, facilitator and manager, who specialises in the strategic planning and monitoring of projects in economic development, cultural institutions and business. During the last three years she has been engaged in projects for the British Council, Coady International Institute, UNDP and the Ukrainian Catholic University. She is also the author of various educational materials and programmes in formal and non-formal education.  

From 2012 to 2017 she was a Programme and Project Manager at PPV Knowledge Networks and at the Corporate Social Responsibility Community. Kateryna has been involved in the implementation of the Creative Enterprise Ukraine Programme since 2016. She was also a focal point for SIDA’s Private Sector Development Programme in Ukraine and Eastern Europe from 2014 to 2017.

Creative Enterprise Ukraine facilitator - Kateryna Ushakova

Kateryna Ushakova

Kateryna is an experienced marketer and executive with 14 years of experience working with both local and international companies and brands.

Most of her career Kateryna worked for one of the largest communications holdings in Ukraine — Atlantic Group. There she started as an assistant to account manager in a BTL-agency and grew up to Director of New Business at Talan Group.

Kateryna created and led the Liquid7 digital agency. Within one year after its founding, it got into the TOP-3 most effective and TOP-10 most creative digital agencies of Ukraine. Katerina is one of the best marketers in Ukraine according to the MMR rating "35 to 35. The best specialists of the Ukrainian advertising and communication market". Award winner of the Effie Awards Ukraine, "Advertiser Choice".

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